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Are you out of Melbourne but don't want to miss the fun? Or do you just want to escape for one, two or three nights?

We will take care of your Margaritas, burritos and hotel. You only need to book the date, pack your bag and we will make sure you have a weekend "Arriba! style" to be remembered.



Arriba! The best Mexican Festival in Melbourne is forecasted to grow and expand over the coming years achieving recognition for bringing the Mexican culture to life.

Music includes Mariachis, folk, live bands and DJs performing throughout the entire event.


Arriba! has all you need to enjoy The best Mexican Festival in Melbourne from cuisine with over 25 Mexican and Latino-American vendors providing a wide range of street foods. From a fully licensed area with DJs, bar, and delicious Margaritas to local manufacturers and importers displaying a selection of Mexican and Latin American handcrafted products.

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Dj Mexman  I   DJ GOMEZ I  MEXBOURne  
 Gomex I Mariachi Los Romanticos 
Mexico Lindo Y Querido I MexBourne I Baila FiTness
Animations and shows - The Salsa Foundation
Dj Salazar I Dj de puta madre I DJ Jesus Guzman I Dj  Gomex
 Arriba Mexico MexBourne I Mexican Music Man I sabaticas
Animations and shows I la Salsa I Rock Chingon I La Furia Band
Tributo al Rock Mexicano I Dj Mex Latino
Dj Mex Latino I Dj Guaro I Chilanga I Sabor Latino Band
Dj Latino Mexi I Mexi-Mo I Dj Chamo I Dj Chilango
MexSus I Sebastian Lugo I Southland Latin Rock I Dj MexMan
DJ Mexmel I The Lone Mariachi I Mi Mexico Lindo I MexBourne
Mexican Showy Dance I DJ Camilo I DJ Castillo I Salsa Sunday
DJ Mexillo IDJ Carlos I Mex Finale I Dance Mexico MexBourne
Arriba Arriba With Roya The Destroya!

Andale Andale With Roya The Destroya!
Los Lopez I Dj GuzMex I Adults Mexican Piñata