Arriba! Festival will offer a wide range of Mexican dishes  as well as other cuisine from over 15 other Latino American countries.

Authentic Mexican food is vibrant, delicious, fresh and fun. It is also colourful, spicy and uses an amazing array of chillies, both fresh and dried. 

Among the staples of Mexican food are beans and corn. Corn is used to make masa, a dough that is then turned into tortillas and tamales, whereas beans and corn feature prominently in many dishes.

Mexican cooking is packed with flavour; among the herbs and spices that give it its distinct kick are a variety of chillies (fresh, dried, smoked and pickled), alongside oregano, coriander (known as cilantro in North America), cinnamon and cocoa. Garlic, onions, lemons and limes are also used generously.a Mexican panela cheese (a smooth, fresh, white cheese).

At the Arriba! Melbourne Mexican Festival you will also be able to find dishes from other Latin Countries as Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and more!

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